Portage feedback

Thank you so much for downloading and testing the latest version of Portage. The game will be updated regularly until our hand in 4th June 2020. Your feedback will help us improve the game and we would love to have your comments here and if you do a Play through video with commentary that would make our day!

6 thoughts on “Portage feedback”

  1. Portage. Nice retro feel to this. The music and graphics mesh together nicely. I liked the squirrel! More cute touches like this could be good for bringing the game world to life.

  2. Lovely game!

    It transported me into the forrest, the pixel graphics really allowed me to project my own details on to the scene. Music and pacing were spot on, and really thoughtful intro / tutorial.

    I did get a bit stuck trying to get into the game to start with… I needed to press esc to exit the log book… but only figured it out through trial and error would have been nice to have some sign posting for that one control.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. I can see this game being a great game to just boot up and relax with. Love the direction you guys have gone with the art style and gameplay. They come together to create a serene, calming experience, and I’m sure that with future updates and more content this game will​ be adored by a lot of people. There were a few bugs that I experienced. First was that some of the twigs and trees were above the player and dog instead of being below and vice-versa. Second was that when you are on the second water crossing, you can just walk across it instead of paddling. The final bug I found was that sometimes the dog or boat would snap to a certain position which I think is something important to fix for this kind of game. Other than those minor bugs I thought it was a great game. Cant wait for future updates!

  4. The passion of the team behind this game really shines through in everything from the art style, audio design and the gameplay. There were a few bugs here and their but nothing that ruined the experience for me. All aspects of this game come together to create a relaxing atmosphere which is rare to see in a video game. I am excited to see where future updates may lead to.

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