DuoDeus Feedback

Thank you so much for downloading and testing the latest version of DuoDeus. The game will be updated regularly until our hand in 4th June 2020. Your feedback will help us improve the game and we would love to have your comments here and if you do a Play through video with commentary that would make our day!

6 thoughts on “DuoDeus Feedback”

  1. A very relax game, it make me think the best path of line and the player 2 need to think the best way to jump to get the point. also, the music is impressive, it include some element of eletronic music, play it step by step with the track getting more. overall, great game with a ez play way and interesting music.

  2. What a fun game! I played it with my brother during this hard time, and we both love the fact that you can create music and colorful things in the background. There are so many things happening in it which makes it very unique and fun to play. Good job and keep safe! We are looking forward to play the new versions again!

  3. DueDeus (seems to have different spelling for this, might be DuoDeus?). A very nice little game. Made me think of Line Rider. Maybe having a look at something like Vib Ribbon could suggest future directions the gameplay could take?

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