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WSA - University of Southampton

Final Major Projects

Winchester School of Art Degree Show, 13th-16th June 2024

London Show, Hoxton Arches,
19th June 2024 6PM - 9PM
20th June 2024 11 - 7PM.

2024 #wsagames

Stranded at sea amidst a brewing storm, this 2D narrative game requires the player to explore the strange happenings of the outside world from the isolation of a lighthouse. Taking on the role of a reclusive lighthouse keeper, the player must use various methods and technologies to communicate with people; gathering their perspectives and insights to discern the truth.

Everything drawn out begins with a pencil and a canvas, and in this world, the pencil takes the form of the conjoined twin brothers Skriblkins and Tisat, as well as the canvas which takes the form of a cosmic crystal ball. With these two elements working in unison art and illustrations can be brought to life and worlds themselves are given fertile ground to breed artistry and illustrative wonders.

In an ethereal realm beyond our mortal understanding, a catastrophic threat is presented. As the modern world disrupts the balance between love and lust, a ripple effect causes mythical beings to forget the intricacies of love. Within this transcendent realm, all facets of gods, myths, legends, and fictional entities from all human culture co-exist in a harmonious equilibrium.

Trapped in a theatre play and stripped of your free will, your fate is laid out before you and you must follow, a puppet on a string. Within this seemingly unending tragedy, written and directed by the goddess of Epic Poetry, the light of hope shines through.

A point-and-click simulation horror game in which you take on the role of a doll repair shop owner in Victorian London. As you treat each patient admitted to the doll hospital, more and more anomalies make themselves clear; something organic seems to be taking root within these dolls.

The Takeover is a simple yet addictive arcade style game. Easy to pick up, difficult to master. Thrown into the mist of an alien invasion, your only goal is to go out in a blaze of glory, taking down whoever stands in your way.

Dive into a thrilling experience with Swirl Splash, a satisfying 3D platformer where time is your greatest adversary. Take control of Shui, the agile animatronic monkey, as you race against the clock around the vast aquarium of Aqua X. Submerge yourself in the unique momentum mechanics to overcome the challenging environments.

HOLD THE CURTAIN CALL A game in 3 acts SETTING: Step onto the stage of a dreamlike, 16th-17th century influenced puppet theatre riddled with mystery, from the tales being presented to the colourful Commedia Dell’arte inspired cast. AT RISE: Waking up in YOUR new puppet vessel, explore an isometric stage environment and interact with YOUR fellow PUPPET ACTORS to uncover the secrets of the stage.

‘Rite!’ is a bite-sized vampire deck-builder. It is easy to sink your teeth into! Become one with your vampire and collect blood or outwit your opponents. Let the simplicity of fun meet the darkness of the night and achieve your rite to become the master of the undead!

Step into a world where music and chaos reign supreme! Beatbounds is a unique music-based platformer which will have you jumping to the beat! Explore the stages and collect the keys to restore the world and free everyone!

Moksha Spiritual Puzzles is a fun, interactive guide to the beginning steps of Indian Mythology. Within this tangram puzzle, explore and learn the importance of the 7 chakras and how it can help you to open the different pathways of energy flowing within you. This game aims to not only educate to aid players interested in Hinduism but, to also increase the culture appreciation for South Asians as a whole.

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Games Design Staff

Games as Culture, Games for Purpose, Games as Art.

Adam Procter

Programme Leader

Each year we have a vibrant online Arcade where you go come and test our games and provide feedback on as we develop them for launch at our Summer Shows at Winchester School of Art and in London.

Marie Jarrell


The student teams have only been working on these games for less that 10 weeks yet I am confident you will be impressed with the quality of each game. You can follow more on social media via the hashtag #wsagames

Seth Giddings


Our Students are really pushing their games with a real focus on the ideas behind each project and the concepts they want to express. Please do visit where you can read in depth about each project with student blogs, websites and social media links.

Vanissa Wanick

Senior Lecturer

Our students not only make the games but these games are designed to talk to players and provide commentary on the world we live in, I am confident you will not only enjoy the games but see the depth of research and thinking that goes into each project.

Emma Reay

Senior Lecturer

Our brilliant students have worked incredibly hard to put together this arcade showcasing their final year projects. We’re very proud of what they’ve achieved!

Amy Godliman

Teaching Fellow

The student teams have only been working on these games for less that 10 weeks yet I am confident you will be impressed with the quality of each game. You can follow more on social media via the hashtag #wsagames

Ross Popovs


It’s been such an incredible time working on all of these projects. Each student (without fail) brings their own edge and individuality into their projects in a way that is really wonderful to see. I’m immensely proud of how far they have come technically and wish them all the best of luck in future endeavors #wsagames