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WSA - University of Southampton

Final Major Projects

DuoDeus is a 2D local multiplayer music game in which two deities cooperate to create their own universe by composing music.

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Maive is a single-player interactive narrative about a travelling storyteller with a magic book that brings her stories to life.

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Game Documentary

Portage is a minimalist experience that encourages a mindful attitude whilst canoeing and hiking through the landscape.

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Game Documentary

Jazz and Azul is a single-player story-driven adventure game set within a world segregated by jazz and blues music.

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Somnia is a single player endless runner mobile game, designed to introduce its players to the concept of sleep hygiene.

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The Mind of a child is a weird and whimsical thing, you are its loyal subject. Use explosions and an adaptive teddy bear to solve puzzles set in the imagination of a child.

Penance is a short, narrative heavy game made as a third year university project for the Winchester School of Art.

Please review the Play through video. Comments Welcome.

Please review the how to play video.Comments Welcome.

Games Design Staff

Games as Culture, Games for Purpose, Games as Art.

Adam Procter

Programme Leader

We would love all of you in lockdown to playtest our final year games. Due to Covid-19 our user testing sessions have had to go remote. So please share around your studios and constructive feedback is welcome and needed to enhance all of the student projects.

Vanissa Wanick

Teaching Fellow

Our students not only make the games but these games are designed to talk to players and provide commentary on the world we live in, I am confident you will not only enjoy the games but see the depth of research and thinking that goes into each project.

James Stallwood

Teaching Fellow

The student teams have only been working on these games for less that 10 weeks yet I am confident you will be impressed with the quality of each game. You can follow more on social media via the hashtag #wsad.

Andy Lapham

Senior Teaching Fellow

Our Students are really pushing their games with a real focus on the ideas behind each project and the concepts they want to express. Please do visit where you can read in depth about each project with student blogs, websites and social media links.